This site is about passion, first and foremost; specifically, passion for the art that is Pop Culture.

Make no mistake, Pop Culture (movies, music, comics, video games, TV) is just as valid an art form as anything else. Though it may stand to reason that some examples of Pop Culture are more disposable than others, the medium as a whole is by no means disposable… They matter.

Each of these mediums should entertain, move, drive, and inspire us. It is that passion that has brought us here together. The Classy Wasteland is all about passion for Pop Culture, and if having passion for these things is what makes a Geek a Geek, then don’t get it twisted: This is a site for Geeks by Geeks.

We’re not here act as arms of the marketing apparatus for any of the entertainment we talk about. We are here to give you what we really think about all of these things and more. We’re here to bring you humor, wit, and sarcasm rooted in passion.

Each of us cares about whatever it is we are telling you about. Sometimes that means caring enough to ruthlessly nitpick and criticize. Sometimes it means praising endlessly. Hell, sometimes it’ll be both.

So, if you care about this stuff like we do, then maybe you belong here with us in the Classy Wasteland that is Pop Culture.

Meet the team behind this lovely little thing.

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